Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day Seventeen

Well today I was hungry and it was probably because my water wasn't on time when I ate, if I had drank after my meals I would have not been so hungry throughout the day.
Today I also changed up where I'm putting my snack in the day because I have wanted to go to bed earlier rather than staying up late.  Snack went before dinner because my son woke up early from his nap at 3pm because he went down earlier at 12 noon.  I wasn't ready to eat dinner that early so I ate my snack then instead.  Which is a smart move I think.

Message: Tweak your day and make it into the way you want to for consuming foods, if something isn't working for you, adjust it and hopefully you'll see positive results in the end.

Breakfast - Maple Oatmeal (IP food)

Lunch - Vanilla milkshake (IP food), Red Peppers & Honey Dijon dressing

Snack - Chocolate milkshake (because you can't have snack packages and oatmeal in the same day, so had to have a drink)

Dinner - Spinach w/ Sea Salt & Apple Cider Vinegar, Octopus w/ Cajun seasoning, Lemon pepper and sea salt.

All water and vitamins met.  As well as a good dinner, my husband complimented me on a good dinner, my only words were: "It's good and good for you, completely healthy.  Healthy can also be yummy."  It was good to hear and it was good to know that the dinner was satisfying enough for him that he didn't have to get more food except for 2 fruit bars.

This evening I had some personal issues, I was really angry about something and I felt like just eating whatever I wanted out of spite.  But decided against it because I would feel better at a weight of 150 rather than my current weight of 221.4, I want my self-confidence back when it comes to my appearance, and an animal cracker or a fruit bar isn't worth all that.

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