Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/26/2012 - Weigh-In and other findings

Well went to my weigh-in yesterday, came down to 208, lost 4 pounds in 1 week, 21 pounds in 43 days on this diet.  25 lbs on my previous diet were lost over the course of 2.5 months.  For a total of 46 pounds.  1 inch was lost on both my thighs for a total of 2", and 1" off my waist.
The doctor said that I should be in the 100's in 2 weeks!

Still going strong, and after over a month I am feeling better about the diet, I know what I like to eat and what I don't like to eat.  I cut dressing out of my diet and only use fresh lemon juice and natural sea salt as flavoring, also adding mint helps too.
Also I have noticed and may have mentioned this in the last post, that my anxiety seems to be lessened, its not as strong as it used to be.  I was talking to my mom about it last night when we went out to dinner and she said it is probably because you have cut grains out of your diet, and gluten.  Of course I doubted her, because I had never heard of it before.  So today as I was working on my Nutrition homework (class I'm taking now), I went to look up: "Can certain foods cause anxiety?", and found These results
I have cut enriched flour out of my diet, and sugars out of my diet which both can help increase anxiety, but with them no longer present and gone for over a month, the anxiety is subsiding and my confidence is back in full swing.

I came into this diet being very upset about having to change my food intake and be told what to eat but now being in it for over a month I feel so happy that I did it and am still in it.  The pounds are melting off, my confidence is regained, and I'm feeling fantastic overall.  Just going to stick with it.

Tip: Change can be really good, its scary and unfamiliar at first but it can change your whole aspect on life if you let it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weigh-In 6/19/12

Last week I was at 215.4 pounds this week I lost 3 1/2 pounds and 1" off of my leg, arm, and waist, giving me a total of = 5" in total.  And putting my weight at: 212, can't wait to get to 199!!!

Pittsburgh, NH, My Great Accomplishment

Had a wonderful Father's Day weekend with my husband, son and father-in-law.  We went to Pittsburgh, NH, close to the Canadian border.  It was beautiful there, we had gotten a cabin for the weekend and it was very private, we had 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 decks one with a table overlooking the river and had a grill and the other was a deck looking out to the pond in front of the house, and 2 bathrooms, it was definitely living.

We relaxed most of the time, except for Saturday late afternoon I dragged my husband out of bed to see the sights, I wanted to go to the town and look in antique shops but we ended up at the 4th Connecticut Lake trail which zig zags along the Canadian and U.S. borders.  So we started the trail and it was not for beginners (I have not done trails in a while), I found it to be very hard, it was about 1/4 mile of climbing steep rocky hills, I was ready to quit in the middle of it but kept pressing on to see this fabulous secluded lake, and crossing into Canada on foot wasn't bad either (no passports necessary) which was pretty cool.  We finally made it after sweating and catching our breaths.
It was just a small pond but it didn't matter, I made it through the trail and was so proud of myself, but then we had to walk back.  My knee was hurting, I had a cramp in my other leg and I was exhausted and getting eatin alive by bugs but we were going down most of the time which was better than up.  Through the pain, tears, and exhaustion, I made it back to the car, yay!!!  A 2 hour walk definitely worked off the butter I had with my lobster (which is not allowed on the diet).

I couldn't believe I survived the experience but being on the diet made me feel more energized to do this and more determined to get places.  I have always enjoyed hiking in the past but since my weight gain I haven't really felt up to it, it was so nice to get back in touch with nature again and to have the energy to do so.

Tip:  Eating better can only help you to enjoy the activities you once loved, so hang in there!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dieting Solo Now

Well I am now on this diet solo, my mom has decided to go to her previous Paleo Diet but has offered to still meet me for weigh-ins and pay for half which is wonderful.  That's real support for you! 

She only has 16 pounds more to go,  I'm really proud of her, she only has a little bit more left to loose. 
I see where she was coming from, she has been going away a lot and is finding not too much she can have at places they eat at.  I know the feeling, I go through that every time we go away, when we are at home it is so much easier.  As a stay at home mom having those ready made foods is super helpful, I'm able to eat healthier than I was before this diet.  I in the past would just grab cookies off the shelf for breakfast or a hot pocket for lunch and now I'm eating better and healthier and feel better too.

So stay tuned for my weigh-in tonight.

Monday, June 18, 2012

6/8 - 6/10 Official Cheat Weekend & Weigh-In

Well we all cheat eventually right?  But it is good to set an official cheat weekend for yourself to get it all out.  Whether you are craving chocolate, ice cream, perhaps a Brownie Fudge Cheesecake, or a bottle of wine giving yourself an official weekend can help you to just get the cravings over with.

For me I had been planning this weekend 2 to 3 months before I started this diet and that weekend was going to be my party weekend where I just get to have fun and eat and drink what I want.
Here is the rule for cheating on the Ideal Protein - You cheat it is 3 days to recover, so if you cheat go big because its 3 days no matter what, if you cheat in a weekend, if you cheat in a week you are looking at a 2 week recovery.  But you can get back on track.

What was surprising though is that I only cheated a few times.  I tried to keep in tune with the meal plan, eating well, I went through Friday, June 8th, obeying the rules until we got to NYC, I had a glass of wine but it took a while for me to want to order it, I hesitated for about 15 minutes before deciding to.  I also got a salad with balsamic dressing on it, which I was not aware of, and I ordered a burger with no cheese and got cheese, so I picked off the cheese, left the bun behind and ate the salad.  I also had a side of roasted cauliflower so good!  Bet there was some seasoning on it I couldn't have but really good anyways.  We then went to a bar till about 3:30 in the morning and I had 2 more glasses of wine.
Saturday I followed my meal plan again until snack time when they put cheese and crackers, and pretzels and all this other stuff in my face, well I ate it because it looked so good, and then had more wine.  Dinner I had a cider, but drank water as well, and ended up getting a grilled buffalo sandwich, skipped the sandwich part and had a side salad with no dressing.  As I was eating the buffalo chicken my stomach started to feel gross, and it finally hit me this is why I don't eat like this anymore because it makes me feel icky when I do.   That night I went out and danced till about 4am and drank but not as much as I had in the past few years, with the diet I'm on drinking just doesn't seem super important so I drank less than I would have normally.

I had quite a lot of fun, on Sunday went back to the diet plan and then went for my weigh in on Tuesday June 12th, Weigh-In Results: Lost 2 pounds despite the cheating, it was probably because of the 4 hours of dancing I did.

Tip: As with any diet you are possibly going to cheat but always remember it is not too late to get back in the game and lose weight again, just climb on up again and start riding, if you fall off, pick yourself up again and keep trying.  It's not too late if you slip and eat a doughnut you can get back on track.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Twenty-One

Got to sleep in which was great.  Went down to the breakfast provided with our stay, I can't really have regular food in the morning besides their IP food I'm supposed to have but I had 2 hard-boiled eggs because I can have them usually at dinner, and I was really hungry. 

Breakfast - Vanilla shake (IP food) and 2 hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper

Lunch - Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce (IP food), Cucumbers and Walden Farms dressing

Dinner - Cajun and red pepper flake Swordfish w/ Sea Salt and Arugula Salad w/ Walden Farms dressing and pepper.

Snack - Vanilla Shake

I ended up eating Dinner and Snack together because I felt like I needed to have the snack cause its part of the plan, but I don't have to if I don't need it, which is good to know.  In the future I may not want a snack if I don't need it.

Day Twenty

The morning was easy and lunch was too then I hit the road on my way to NH for the weekend and eating out for dinner was pretty easy.  With seafood restaurants you really can't go wrong on this diet, you can always find something to eat.  Especially steamed seafood, and having not able to use butter, I did try the seafood without the butter and it was really sweet on its own, no butter necessary.  But I did dip it into the butter lightly and then shook the excess off.  I still lost the weight besides eating the butter but overall it was a good meal.

Breakfast - Pina Colada drink (IP food)

Lunch - Potato Puree (tasted better this time, put sea salt and pepper in it, was great), Cucumbers w/ Walden Farms dressing

Dinner - In Seabrook, NH a great place called "Tuna Striker Pub" right on the water, view of the beach and harbor.  Neighborhood gem, had a nice heated outside deck, and it was a crummy cold rainy day too but I was super warm.  We also got to eat our meal in front of the TV at the bar, and we got to pick what we watched, so we watched "Law and Order", my kind of dinner.

So I ate for dinner - Steamed Chix Lobster and Steamers w/ Lemon butter.  For vegetables: Zucchini, Summer Squash and Red Pepper in Garlic olive oil, so yummy.

After dinner we saw the new "Snow White and the Huntsman" very good movie!  Then went to the hotel and swam in the pool after hours, no one seemed to care, and enjoyed the hot tub (wish I owned one).

Anyways for snack - A Vanilla shake

All water and vitamins met.

Day Nineteen

Still trucking along.  So as part of tightening the collagen in your skin you can drink a Granata drink every second day per week to promote healthy skin.  Because you are losing weight so fast your skin doesn't have the time to catch up and tighten so this drink which is really good (if I wasn't on the diet I would just add alcohol for an awesome cocktail).  It's good that you only have to drink this yummy beverage to get skin tightening, take that expensive creams!

Anyways onto the food:

Breakfast - Blueberry Cran Granata drink (to support healthy tightened skin), IP food.

Lunch - Tried the Tomato and Basil soup (a new soup they have), wasn't that great, but I ended up getting it again in the future so I'll try something new to make it taste better more seasoning perhaps.  So I dumped it in the sink and had a vanilla shake instead.  For vegetables I had cucumbers w/ Walden Farms dressing.

Dinner - Burger w/ spices (no bun, not allowed) and Zucchini w/ spices and IP's sea salt.

Snack - White Cheddar crips so good, very cheesy

Day Eighteen

I'm so sorry, I have been going on a ton of trips and have barely had time to do this blog but here I am filling in the gaps.  I know that on Day 18 I was very bored with the food options at home and had a hankering for Indian food.  I got Chicken Jalfrezi which was all I could have on the menu besides seafood jalfrezi, I could not have all the veggies in the dish such as caramelized onions, peas, and carrots but all others I ate.  I didn't eat the rice that came with it because rice is restricted and I did not eat all of the sauce because it was just too much sauce.
It occurred to me how much sauce is on any plate at a restaurant, its overbearing, there is always too much.  Why drench the good food in sauce?  Why not just add a good amount of sauce and leave the food a little naked so we can enjoy the flavors you put into it, why are we hiding it with sauces?

On top of being on this diet I'm taking a new class - Nutrition, so appropriate right?  Learning a lot about what the government believes your daily plate should look like.  Google search "" and go check it out.

Food eaten:

Breakfast - Hot Chocolate (IP food), really good, tastes just like actual hot cocoa.

Lunch - Mushroom Soup w/ Sea Salt (IP foods), portobello mushrooms in the soup w/ fresh basil and Arugula salad w/ Walden Farms dressing (love this stuff, pour on as much as you like its good for you).

Dinner - Indian food: Chicken Jalfrezi w/ veggies from a great place in South Weymouth called Fishtail Kitchen, so good.  Sea Salt (IP food)

Snack - My mom introduced me to these awesome cheese puffs called Southwestern Cheese Puffs, which are an Ideal Protein food.  They taste so good, they are cheese puffs with a tasty spicy twist, addictive!

All water met and vitamins taken.