Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer of 2013 and the dreaded aftermath

So after the parties of Summer 2013, the birthdays, the get togethers and my addiction to gluten free baking, I gained 45 pounds back!  This doesn't happen to everyone but if you try your best to stay healthy and life gets in the way like it sometimes does or if you are feeling super stressed out, it can effect your weight.  In this case being too much into baking may have been my downfall as well as some stressful issues I dealt with this summer which turned me to eating, when I should have been running.

So instead of bypassing 170 and getting a whole new wardrobe, I stopped myself in my tracks and turned around and went back on the plan.  I had bought all these pretty clothes and well I didn't want to have to fill my closet with past clothing sizes, I was not going to make it 200 if I had anything to say about it!

I am pretty low on funds now too because we are hurting for money so thankfully I was able to use the previous weight loss products already in my pantry.  I have a month's worth of Ideal Protein foods which will be expiring in October and November of this year so I am getting those out of the way first. Then I am going to be on Take Shape for Life from October to November and through transition and maintenance.

I was 125 when I got off the plan but I had been on it for 9 months and was impatient with the transition phase that I just up and dropped it and skipped transition.  Which was a huge mistake!  If I had followed through I probably would have been able to keep on the plan through the summer and maintain my weight very well.  But I have confidence knowing that I can hop back on this plan whenever I feel I need a change in my life or I feel like it has taken a turn on a path that I no longer want to travel on.

My goal this time around is 130, if I get to 130 and want to go to 125, then I certainly will.

I started last week on Ideal Protein and I have been taking a Garcinia Cambogia Extract before each of my breakfasts, because of this I have lost a record breaking 10.5 pounds in my first week!!!  I was 170.6 when I started last week, this week my weigh in was 160.1!!  A lot better than last week, and I have been able to fit into my size 8 jeans yet again, which I had just grown out of the week before starting Ideal.  Results are awesome and just the first week!