Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day Twelve

Still going strong besides the throbbing headaches in the morning everyday this week, but it goes away after I take some Ibuprofen.  Yesterday was a good day overall, my husband got home early and I prepared everyone a healthy meal but apparently it was just too healthy for him, he had to make more stuff.  My son on the other hand was happy about the meal but wanted some of daddy's when he sat down with it.  I liked my meal just fine.

I made them broccoli & cheese with salt and pepper.  My husband is a vegetarian so this would be okay for him, my son had broccoli & cheese & herb chicken I made the other night for myself but decided he should have some protein too. 

Meals for the day:

Breakfast - 100% natural pancake (Crepe Mix, IP food) w/ Nutmeg (way too much was added), and Cinnamon, you can imagine the unbearable taste but I had to truck through it.

Lunch - Chicken Noodle Soup (IP food), really good, added some italian seasoning, sea salt and pepper, tasted like the real thing except less sodium.  Also had Baby Spinach leaf salad and Red Peppers with Honey Dijon dressing from walden farms

Dinner - Coriander flavored burger with sea salt and pepper, with a side of broccoli spears w/ italian seasoning.

Snack - (I know your not supposed to mix the 2 but I'm running out of options) Sea Salt & Vinegar Ridges, which are supposed to mimic chips but they are squares, and more thick than chips, good though.

Water fell short by 1 glass but made up for it this morning, all vitamins taken.  Overall not a bad day.

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