Friday, August 31, 2012

Weigh-In 8/30/12

     Ok, thought some people who follow my diet blog and read my posts on weight loss might want some additional information and inspiration.  If you are interested in this program, I suggest you watch any one or all of the News broadcasts on this page:  just scroll down to "In the Media" and watch.
     You will be surprised to know that no exercise is required to lose the weight, in fact 2 weeks ago they told me only brisk walks and swimming is allowed in the first phase.  Exercise comes in the 2nd phase of the diet which is after you have reached your goal weight.  I do recommend this diet highly!  Losing 50 pounds on this diet alone in just 3 months is proof enough.   Also I have ideal protein coupons, anyone who is interested and in or near the Weymouth area can get $100 off your consultation fee.  You can do this, I'm living proof!
      Also I did find the news broadcast on ABC to be interesting. They interview a nutritionist who says you need to exercise to keep off the weight and believes the woman who was on the diet did in fact exercise. Coming from experience, being mad that I can't exercise, I can say you don't need to on this diet plan, I know it sounds nuts, but your weight loss is very low when you do (on this diet). I am super psyched that I will be able to exercise after I get to my goal though. Really if you had told me no exercise and they did say this at the beginning, I jumped up and down, now all I want to do is exercise so I really can't wait when I can.

Weigh-in results:
 I lost 3 pounds this week, along with 1" in my chest, 1" in my Hip and 1" on each of my thighs = 2".  My coach said the thighs are really hard to lose weight in, so bravo to me.  

I'm also rapidly dropping pant sizes, just the last 2 weeks I was in a size 14 and now I'm in a size 12, and just 4 weeks ago I was in a size 16.  My current weight now is: 181.2, would have gone down a lot more if I had noticed that mustard issue earlier on, oh well.  I am 2 pounds away from getting my free cut and color that my mom said she would get me if I reached the 50 pound mark on this diet, and in 2 pounds I will.  Just 46 pounds more to my goal weight of 135.

Note: I cannot express the confidence I have now, walking into a mall and not being weird about going into an Ann Taylor or an Old Navy store anymore, I am now at an average weight and look like I belong, it really is a great feeling.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weigh-In 8/23/12

I have not fallen off the face of the earth just late in posting again. 

Last week's weigh in was another 2 pounds lost, and no change on inches, and this is after they said no exercise of any kind, which I did not do any exercise.  Except canoe on the weekend but it was a short trip. 

So I went back through my weight-loss food journal and decided to analyze my intake of food more carefully.  I checked the ingredients labels on some of the foods I was consuming, the gluten free chicken sausages I was easting had turbinado sugar in it, which I am pretty sure I am not supposed to have so I had to stop eating those.  Then I was concerned with the mustard, was there something in it I missed, yes there was - white wine something I'm not supposed to have.  So Brown spicy mustard is going to be the one kind I can consume, since it has just vinegar in it and very little, but no white wine.  So these may have been the reasons behind my low weight-loss for the past few weeks.

Somehow those labels I just forgot to look at because with the mustard I was consuming another kind that had nothing in it that was going to counteract my diet results, so I just went to the store, gave a quick glance at the nutrition chart without looking at the ingredients and yanked it from the shelf.   But now I will know to look at everything even when I'm are getting a different brand cause you really just don't know what could be in it.  

Tip:  You need to look at the labels, the nutrition facts, the ingredients, everything before placing it in the cart and then using it at home.  If there is one thing off about it, it can mess with your diet results.  So read, read, read.

Next weigh-in is today, I will be sure to post this evening.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/17/12 - Weigh-in

Well sorry for the delay on last week's weigh in I went to the weigh-in, and then went somewhere else, then that weekend I was off the grid in Maine.  So I apologize for the lateness in my post.

Weigh-in last week was another disappointing one when I found out I can't swim laps or do pool weights, because I did those exercises all week, practically.  I did it once with laps and weights on Monday evening and then swam laps briefly in the ocean a few days afterwards in a row.  While I was at my weigh in I asked about jogging too, I was told to briskly walk, no running or jogging, no laps, swim briskly, and no pool weights.  In fact I am not to do any exercise at all until I reach my goal weight, which is so hard!

If you had told me no exercise months ago I would have been so excited and danced around the room, you tell me now and I'm so sad, I have all this energy and need to dispense of it, but can't.

So if you think about it, this is a real dream diet for anyone who doesn't like to exercise, but I guarantee you, you will have to exercise to keep your weight in check once you move to the next phases of the diet when you reach your goal weight.
They are still running the Open House right now for the Weymouth, MA location, just need a friend to sign you up, or come in on your own (not sure you'll get $100 discount but you'll be working on getting yourself healthy).

Weigh-In results:
2 pounds lost, down to 186, no change in inches. 

Results should be dramatic this week because of lack of exercise. (which on any other diet would be crazy)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thursday's weigh-in 8/9/12

Well tried Zumba the week of the 9th and loved it!  There's a great place I know of got awesome reviews if you are from the Weymouth, MA area or surrounding towns this would be a good place to go.  They don't only do Zumba, they also do toning and kickboxing exercises.  Zass Fitness go to the site if your interested.
Anyways, I go to my weigh-in and find that my weight loss that week wasn't so much and they tell me why, it is due to Zumba believe it or not.  Zumba retains weight because it is so intense and fast moving, until I reach my goal weight I can't go to Zumba, Zumba basically turns fat into muscle and hangs on to it.  This diet is getting rid of the fat so I can loose the weight, so they are butting heads.  So I can enjoy Zumba again but not until after my goal weight is reached.  In lieu of that I signed myself up for Zumba classes in January & February for $50, my town has a recreation department for people who are residents and non residents and provide cooking classes, fitness classes, and informational classes to anyone interested.  So I signed myself up, and am looking forward to getting out and not being stuck in the house in the winter time.

In the meantime, it's swimming and walking.  I was even going to experiment and try and get myself in the habit of running, by doing a walk run activity a couple nights a week. 

Weigh-in results:
Would have been more if no Zumba happened but I did loose 2.6 pounds, I am now down to 188, I also lost an inch off my chest and an inch off my hip, which means Zumba did its job in the loosing inches department.

Looking forward to this next week's weigh-in!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Weigh-In Thursday, August 2, 2012

This week I changed my bra out, I was wearing a size that was too big again, and luckily my past self saved all the good bras from when I was thinner along with some clothes, which was awesome.  So I just poked around and found 2 bras I could wear while I'm in this phase of my diet.  It's when I start getting thinner is what I'm worried about because its been a long time since I've been 150, wouldn't think there would be a bra in that size laying around, and it would be kind of gross.

Stepped on the scale today and lost a whopping 6 pounds this week!!!!  I was at 196.2 and I am now at 190.4.  Almost out of the 90's and getting into the 180's next week.  I plan to do ZERO cheating again, I am ready to finish the diet plan and move on to maintaining my wonderful results, can't wait to get there.
I also lost an inch each on my waist, hips, and chest.  I'm getting there.