Friday, May 18, 2012

Day Five

Another tough day, trying to avoid foods I love and another cry break trying to cope with the fact that I'm cut off from favorite foods till I get to my goal weight.  It is just so hard, and I'm sure everyone has struggled with this on a diet.  At first it seems easy, you're all pumped up about it, "I can do this!"  Then as you go along you feel great, you're getting everything done on the program you're supposed to.  Then reality sinks in, I can't have that Cheez-It or I can't have that glass of wine 2 nights a week, or I can't have that chocolate bar.  It's a constant struggle, it's a back and forth scenario playing over and over in your head and then you realize why you did this diet in the first place. 
For me it was to help support my mom initially, and that was not a good way to agree to something.  But I really had to ask myself, 'why am I doing this diet?', I'm doing it to lose the weight, to get to a healthier me, to have energy to play in the yard with my son, to have energy to go up the stairs and not be out of breath.  I don't want to be unhealthy anymore, having the excuse of "Well I just had a baby.", doesn't cut it anymore, he's almost 2, so that excuse it no longer working.

I was on Weight Watchers and was doing fine, 25 pounds lighter is a big accomplishment in 4 months but it could be bigger, if I had added in exercise.  I could have pushed myself harder, absolutely. 

Does it matter to me if I lose the weight fast or slow, no it doesn't.  This diet has you lose weight rapidly, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do it, I also liked the idea of never dieting again because it would be nice to be at the weight I want to be and to keep it off.  The program said "Your Last Diet", which means your only diet, never again will you struggle with your weight, you can keep it off even after moving off their food intake.  That's right you don't have to eat their food forever, kind of nice isn't it.  In fact you can go back to the foods you love, only difference is you will enjoy them in moderation, because you would have learned some valuable principles from the program that hopefully would stick with you throughout the rest of your life.

That's the message for the day.  Now onto Today's meals:

Breakfast: Wildberry Yogurt Drink - this tasted great, and it made me happy that I was eating food that didn't taste like cardboard.

Lunch: Vanilla Drink and 2 cups of Broccoli w/ Hot Sauce, herbs, and Sea Salt (I didn't have these at the exact same time, I enjoyed the drink first and then had the broccoli 30 minutes later, if I had them together, I wouldn't think Broccoli and a Vanilla Shake would go well together taste wise.)
Vanilla drink was also very good.

Dinner: Marinated Chicken w/ Fresh Basil, side salad (just lettuce) with Walden Farms Balsamic Dressing.

Snack: A cinnamon bar

You don't have to drink shakes, I've just been doing this for the last couple of days because I have felt like this diet is making my stomach really full, so drinking their drink mixes for my meals has really helped me feel like I can finish it, still feel full and not have to dump the rest of the Ideal Protein food out, cause I don't want to do that.  Plus it can be easier to make a shake than to make an omelet, crepe, soy patty, or other meal, this means I have to clean the supposed "non-stick pan", that's failing in the middle (non-stick wore off).

Tomorrow I'm going to a 2 year old's party, hoping to avoid the food, hoping there might be something for me to eat, coming prepared with a shake just in case.  And hope I survive the day without crashing by eating a piece of cake, we shall see.  Stay tuned for Day 6!

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