Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day Two

Felt great this morning when I woke up tummy wise, not a problem.  For breakfast I had an Ideal Protein Chocolate Pancake, tasted great.
Only problem the pancake was a disaster in the pan, I have a non-stick pan but it is a stick pan in the middle, think I explained this yesterday.  So when flipping the pancake, it didn't work and rather turned into Chocolate pancake glop.
For next time think I'm going to do a muffin, they had directions for that too, and silly me not learning from yesterday cooked it in the pan.  So muffin next time and add some cinnamon to the mix.

Lunch: Yummy Chicken Soup mix, and for my 2 cups of veggies, I put chopped broccoli in the soup was really good.  The weird thing today was that I couldn't finish it, not sure I'm supposed to finish the whole thing but my stomach is not used to retaining a lot food and decided not to finish the last bit, so full!!

Dinner: Mussels w/Garlic, Lemon juice, fresh basil from my herb garden on my window sill, and their sea salt.  Also had mushrooms and bell peppers in a spicy thai sauce, and spinach with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and Italian seasoning.

Really full, but I know I'm going to want that snack later, just trying to figure out what kind of snack I want, chocolate soy crisps or a cinnamon bar?  hmmmm.....

Snack: Chocolate Soy Crisps, they were delicious and there was enough of them to keep me satisfied, jeeze if I could only eat these through the whole diet I would be thrilled!!

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