Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day Thirteen

Went well, the day before my road trip to Maine went smoothly.  Only issues I ran into was repeating foods that can't be enjoyed together in the same day, which is why I lost just a little weight this week. 

Foods -

Breakfast - Chocolate Muffin w/ Cinnamon, French Vanilla Decaf coffee, & 1 packet of sweetner.

Lunch - Broccoli & Cheese soup which was good, and then added Broccoli to it for my 2 cups of veggies.  Used the sea salt too.

Dinner - Was very good, I had Steamed Lobster, and made a Lemon & Olive Oil sauce with sea salt.  For veggies I had Baby Spinach salad w/ Honey Dijon dressing.

Snack - Caramel Nut Chocolate Bar - sooo delicious! 

All water was met, I actually ended up exceeding it by 2 glasses.  And vitamins were taken, I added an Iron supplement this week because I needed more Iron in my diet, as if what I was eating didn't have enough iron, so odd.  All I'm eating is iron now, ha!

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