Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Ten

Today went well, the cravings have stopped completely and my days seem to go by so quickly, everyday I look forward to snack time where I get to enjoy a chocolatey or caramelly thing at night.

I was out for errands with my husband and son and my husband wanted to get a TCBY yogurt but felt guilty to eat it in front of me, I told him no one was stopping him.  He said oh, ok, went in came out, finished it on the way home.  Didn't phase me at all because my chocolatey thing would be some hours later and guilt free.  It really is okay to eat what you want in front of me, I don't care.

Breakfast - Chocolate Shake (IP food) & Peppermint Tea

Lunch - Chicken a la King (IP food, not sure I'll get it again), Sea Salt & Pepper, Salad with Walden Farms Ranch dressing.

Dinner - Cajun swordfish from the other night w/ fresh squeezed lemon juice, Zucchini w/ Curry, Lemon Pepper and Lemon juice, and sea salt.  (very satisfying)

Snack - Caramel Bar (soooo goooood)

Water exceeded by a glass or 2.  Vitamins taken.  To another day.

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