Thursday, March 13, 2014

Been Very Busy

Life has been hectic.

After my last post I continued to lose weight up until Thanksgiving, I then had a cheat day, which then turned into a cheat week.  I however incorporated TSFL foods to maintain my weight.  After my cheating was over, I felt pretty sick again and was going to go back on the diet after the Christmas festivities.  However, plans changed when my life changed once again on New Year's Eve when I found out I am expecting my second child so I was unable to climb back aboard the wagon.

I can tell you I have been able to steady my weight at 170/175, (previously I was at 155, (which to me is great because its average for me when I'm pregnant and it's below the dreaded 200 pound mark, that I plan to never visit again)) while being pregnant because I have been sick during my first trimester quite a bit.  Most of it is morning sickness.  
So to keep organic, I order from South Shore Organics, a local delivery service of local veggies, meats, eggs and fruits grown organically and raised grain free.  I do have to incorporate grain in my diet and if we can afford it I get flourless ezekiel bread from the grocery store, if not I eat what grains I can find in the house.  I use grapeseed oil in my cooking.  I need to have calcium so I drink almond milk, coconut milk, I eat Greek yogurt and eat cheese.  I can't afford to be picky because we are low on money and have been since the holiday season passed.  I do what I can to eat healthier but understand that dairy and grains are important in a pregnant women's diet.  
I am however utilizing the advice from my health coach to keep me on track, even if I can't be on the program. 

Just recently to keep a bit fit and lessen my stress, I joined a yoga and meditation class with a friend of mine not too far away.  I attend once per week but I feel its making a difference.  I feel just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can afford to be lazy in my health, I have to try and keep it up as much as I can.