Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weigh-In 1/30/13

Well went for my weigh-in yesterday morning, lost 1 pound - yes I ate something that probably is not recommended but I was bored with my choices so I bought 2 for 1 Lite Polska Kielbasa, I just love it so much!!  There is nothing in the ingredients I can't have but because it is processed meat it is really not recommended.

Next week I do not imagine that my weight loss will be that great, I have a designated cheat day tomorrow for a chocolate tour with my friend.  I took this tour before in July, loved it so much I got more tickets (really thought I would be done with diet plan by now) but nope because I decided to reassess.  So since I have not had a cheat day since November I thought I deserved a cheat day and why not do something fun with a friend!!  Should be good.

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Have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Updated pics and Weigh-In

So again a late post been really busy with school lately, just trying to finish up and graduate, very exciting!

Anyways my weigh-in this week was so much better, I lost 4 1/2 pounds!!!  And hit a total weight loss on Ideal Protein of 101 pounds thus far!!!  That is a lot of pounds.  If we add in the total loss before I started Ideal Protein, I then have lost 126 pounds in total overall!!!  These are huge milestones and I have to say I feel so good, I have a lot of energy to get things done and spend time with my son.

I have 9 pounds to go on Phase 1 and then it is onto Phase 2!

So here is a new picture and comparison of before and after.
After Picture:

Before Picture:

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Very Busy

Well I have been very busy lately, so very sorry for not posting sooner.  I went to my weigh-in this passed week on Wednesday and my weight did not move, it stayed the same.  Kind of a bummer but I didn't gain anything!

Anyways the concern for low losses and no movement was concerning me so I asked my health coach and he asked me what I thought it might be.  I said I had been adding more condiments to my diet lately where before I didn't have any, and I think it might be slowing things down a bit.  He said probably not but said if I wanted to find out if it were these condiments that were the culprit (they contain artificial sweeteners that shouldn't affect me, but I really feel they are), he said to get ketone sticks and find out.  So I purchased some today and I will see what the results display.  They will tell me if I am out of ketosis or not - and then I can adjust as needed.  So we shall see....

Tonight's dinner was delish!  I made cinnamon pork chops with green onions and bok choy in a curry seasoning and a tiny bit of olive oil.  So good.

Other than that my Take Shape for Life Health Coach business is going well, I am very happy to be helping people reach their goals and feel good about themselves.  My husband started the plan this passed weekend on saturday and so far he likes the tastes of most of the foods.  He finds it very easy to stick to during the day, and he doesn't eat chicken, pork, or beef so it's mostly a fish, tofu, veggie diet but it has been going well.  I am excited for his weigh-in this upcoming Saturday.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weigh-In 1/9/13

      Well went to my weigh-in today lost 1.5 pounds, now down to 137.5, not a bad number.  Just 12.5 pounds left and I am done with Phase 1!!!

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Good luck in your lifestyle change journeys!  Another post to come next week.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Weigh-in 1/2/13

Well I lost 4 whopping pounds this week!!  I am now in a size 6 jeans - never thought I would see the day that happened!!  I am now at 139 pounds.

I have reassessed my goal weight to 125 rather than my original 135, I used to be 125 in my high school years and I thought if I can get to 139 I can definitely get to 125.  I have heard the following comments on this:

"Your already at a good weight, why do you want to go to 125?"
"You can't get to 125, you had a kid, it's not possible."
"I can never get to 125 no matter how hard I've tried, you'll be lucky if you get there."
"You are disappearing already, don't disappear too much more."

Ok, so before when I was 255 I would get comments like:

"You are not healthy."
"You need to do something about your weight or you'll get diabetes."
"Just loose some weight you'll feel better."
one person actually told me "I was too heavy."
"You were never this heavy before, how did this happen?" (as if it is any of your business)

First off, your weight is a personal thing for you, the last thing you want people doing is telling you your too fat.  And when you personally have discussed it with medical professionals who are not at all pushy about you being a certain weight, you still get comments like "You are disappearing."  Well frankly these are not comments I particularly like but I live with them everyday.  The important thing to remember is this is your body, if you are ready to start loosing, then find a program that works for you.  If you are trying to get to a goal weight don't let others push you to do one thing over another - do what is comfortable for you.

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Good luck on your weight loss goals!  Until next week's weigh-in...

Happy New Year!

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