Friday, May 25, 2012

Day Eleven

Still going well, tried a new food today, it was eh.  That's thing about trying the new IP foods, you either hate them or love them, or are on the fence about them.  I love a lot of them but the mashed potatoes this week were bareable, I ate them, but they needed something.  It's a learning process, I'll always be learning as I go.  So here is what I ate:

Breakfast - Capuccino drink (IP), peppermint herbal iced tea (that I made)

Lunch - Mashed potatoes (IP) with sea salt, peppermint iced tea, Baby spinach salad with red pepper & walden farms dressing.

Dinner - Burger w/ Coriander, Grilled Eggplant & Sea Salt

Snack - Licorice Spice Tea & Chocolate Soy Crisps

Overall a good day, all water met and exceeded by one glass, and all vitamins taken.

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