Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Seven

I've reached the end of the week!!!  I managed to cheat - ZERO times, awesome!  I definitely was struggling there, playing tug of war with my brain.  I am happy to report I have no more cravings for food, if people eat stuff in front of me, it doesn't phase me at all.  I just simply don't care, and I don't crave it either.  At the beginning of the week on this diet I told my husband not to eat ice cream in front of me, now I really don't care if he does.  I know that the ice cream would be really bad for me if I ate it, so watching others eat it, isn't so bad, knowing that I'm putting healthy ingredients in my body.  But hey if you want to eat ice cream I sware I won't be making faces at you, nor will I lecture you on the contents of your food, because you can eat whatever you want, really none of my business.

Message:  When you feel like you have had enough or you are feeling defeated, pick yourself up and keep on trucking, because you can do it.

Meals for Today:

Breakfast - Ideal Protein Hot Chocolate

Lunch - Ideal Protein Soy Patty w/Green Onions, Sea Salt, Curry and Coriander mixed in.  I decided to make the patty more appetizing by adding in veggies and spices into the patty before cooking, it did the trick.
For veggies -  Cucumbers with Sea Salt, Pepper and Walden Farms Balsamic Dressing

Dinner - A Curry Burger,  Steamers w/ Lemon juice dipping sauce (never thought I'd live without a butter sauce on Steamers but I did, and the sauce I made was excellent), and for Veggies: Lettuce with red cabbage and red peppers topped with Walden Farms Honey Dijon dressing (so good).

Snack - Ideal Protein Dark Chocolate covered Raspberry bar, so yummy.

Got all my water content except for 3 glasses I am currently finishing now at 12:37am on Monday morning, going to wake up quite a bit this evening for pee breaks.

Took all vitamins.

About 2 more days, and then a weigh in on Tuesday at 5:30pm, should be good news.

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