Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Eighteen

I'm so sorry, I have been going on a ton of trips and have barely had time to do this blog but here I am filling in the gaps.  I know that on Day 18 I was very bored with the food options at home and had a hankering for Indian food.  I got Chicken Jalfrezi which was all I could have on the menu besides seafood jalfrezi, I could not have all the veggies in the dish such as caramelized onions, peas, and carrots but all others I ate.  I didn't eat the rice that came with it because rice is restricted and I did not eat all of the sauce because it was just too much sauce.
It occurred to me how much sauce is on any plate at a restaurant, its overbearing, there is always too much.  Why drench the good food in sauce?  Why not just add a good amount of sauce and leave the food a little naked so we can enjoy the flavors you put into it, why are we hiding it with sauces?

On top of being on this diet I'm taking a new class - Nutrition, so appropriate right?  Learning a lot about what the government believes your daily plate should look like.  Google search "" and go check it out.

Food eaten:

Breakfast - Hot Chocolate (IP food), really good, tastes just like actual hot cocoa.

Lunch - Mushroom Soup w/ Sea Salt (IP foods), portobello mushrooms in the soup w/ fresh basil and Arugula salad w/ Walden Farms dressing (love this stuff, pour on as much as you like its good for you).

Dinner - Indian food: Chicken Jalfrezi w/ veggies from a great place in South Weymouth called Fishtail Kitchen, so good.  Sea Salt (IP food)

Snack - My mom introduced me to these awesome cheese puffs called Southwestern Cheese Puffs, which are an Ideal Protein food.  They taste so good, they are cheese puffs with a tasty spicy twist, addictive!

All water met and vitamins taken.

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