Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer so Far

Well being in Maintenance does have its drawbacks and its good points too, you can expect ups and downs.  The other day my pants were getting tighter because my eating habits had changed, a lot of people around getting pizza and pasta, knowing I'm trying to watch my weight.
This week I went away on vacation to Pennsylvania and since the weather was nice everyday I took full advantage along with the free babysitters I had around me.  I ran every morning I was there except for one day, I was there for a total of 4 days so I ran three times in 4 days and I loved passing by the lake and the scenery of the wilderness.  I even saw a buck up close, while I was out enjoying the lake.

I kept myself occupied and stayed out of range of the unhealthy stuff for the most part, anything unhealthy that was consumed which was very little was the following: 2 smores, 2 small PB brownies, and 1 small bowl of moose track ice cream all worked off the next morning with my 3.41 mile run each day.
Healthy options: BBQ'd chicken which was zero sauce, just was grilled with some light seasoning (picked skin off), roasted chicken (no skin) and the veggies from the pasta salad (but only 4 pieces of trio veggie pasta), Greek yogurt with Passion fruit, Greek Yogurt with Blood Orange, Cashews, various nuts, sesame soy sauce salmon, asparagus, cole slaw, organic dried mango, kind bars, lots of seltzer and lots of water.  I had a total of 1.5 beers while I was there, 1 glass of red wine, and 1 mike's hard black cherry lemonade, didn't drink much at all, and I certainly didn't gulp it down, I drank in moderation, and super slow.  In fact all food was enjoyed slowly, I really took my time.  I tried to make really healthy choices too.  I found the days I ran were the healthiest days, because I made good food choices.
After the trip was done, I noticed on the way home my jean shorts size 6 were falling down, which was a great surprise.  It meant that I could do this on my own without TSFL foods everyday and still loose weight and make good choices while on maintenance.  It gave me the confidence I needed to continue with what I was doing.  I just have to remember that I can do this, I don't have to go back to being 200 pounds and it is possible to maintain, remembering also that "You eat to live, not live to eat" is very important.      Of course we have to eat, but we don't have to eat bad stuff, we make good choices for our bodies to live and function well, and if we want to sneak in the occasional beer or brownie we are bound to do it but in moderation.

Here is a turnaround example of moderation versus last year: Last year I was a big wine nut, I collected them, I bought them every month, I was a member of a wine club, I travelled for many years to as many vineyards as I could for wine tastings and to buy their signature wines and I even got people to buy the wines for me who lived in the state to bring when they visited.  That's how nuts about wine I was.
I say "I was" because this year has been completely different.  We recently went on a trip to Essex, CT and stayed at a vineyard B&B, part of their inn service to provide the guests with a free bottle of their wine while they stay.  While we were there we drank one glass one night, we were there for 2 days mind you.  When we packed up we had to bring the wine back with us because most of the bottle was still full.  This trip was a month ago, we still have the bottle in our fridge, I believe I have only drank about 1/4 cup of it since we have had it.  If this was last year the bottle would have been consumed within the first week if not sooner.
This example shows you that going through the weight loss really changes you for the better, suddenly drinking wine just isn't so important to me.  Not drinking all the time is saving me the empty calories, giving my body energy, allowing me to keep my brain cells in tact, and saving me money.  Good habits can and most likely come out of weight loss success and they will for you too.  Except maybe for you it will be less sweets, or moderation of luscious cheeses, whatever your addiction, it will lessen it and for the better.

Hang in there you can do it!