Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Nine

Was a successful day, was able to go out after my weigh-in to Bertuccis and enjoy my dinner guilt free, because I could have all that I ordered.  And I thought it would be hard to ask the server to ask the kitchen to prepare the meal a certain way, I just didn't want to come across as picky.  But it was easy to ask, and I didn't feel like I was putting them in spot where I was demanding so much.  I just needed to make a few adjustments. 
Shared my news with everyone on Facebook when I got home, many congrats my way, which awesome to hear because I can use all the support I can get.

Meals for the Day:

Breakfast - Blueberry-Cran Granata drink, super yummy (IP food)

Lunch - Mushroom Soup & Sea Salt (IP food), I mixed in some red peppers and had a cup of Decaf French Vanilla coffee.

Dinner - Mussels, Cod & Shrimp Stew in a Caper and Tomato Broth, Side salad with red onion & olive oil, apple cider vinegar dressing.

Snack - Chocolate Chip Cookie (IP food), best pre-packaged cookie I have had for a while, definitely could taste those chocolate chips and the vanilla flavoring in them as well.

Water met, vitamins taken.  Cheers to another great week!

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