Monday, May 14, 2012

Day One

Starting weight: 229.3 pounds - weighed Friday May 11, 2012.

After a bland breakfast of Butterscotch pudding I have learned that Splenda is probably a good thing to add, which I can have.  So bought some.
Ate my lunch - Their Omelet mix, and 2 cups of Mushrooms, it was delicious!!  Gave it some seasoning: Italian seasoning, lemon pepper and their sea salt.  Cooked mushrooms in 1 tsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Learned that coating a non-stick pan which has a stick problem in the middle is not sufficiently surpassed by 1 tsp of olive oil, decided to get olive oil spray for the future.
Well dinner was awesome, got to eat what I wanted, I chose a Larb Gai Thai Salad, yummers! Everything in it I could have, was really yummy.
This diet also wants me to have a snack, and frankly my tummy is full, not sure how I'm supposed to fit a snack in but it's on the plan, so I have to. So funny, feeling like I'm forced to eat a snack, haha
Snack - suggested time before 8pm, well with my schedule impossible.  I stay up really late, my dinner was at 7:45pm so an 8pm snack isn't ideal.  I did have a snack at 10pm - Garlic & Onion Soy Nuts, they were yummy too.  And surprisingly I made the 10 glasses of water for the day, which is a new record for me!  I even pushed it to 11 glasses because I was really thirsty after eating a salty snack.

I took all my vitamins for the day, theirs and mine, at the end of the day, I'm ready to go to sleep at about 11:30pm and I'm feeling good, no tummy troubles at all.

Wonder what I will choose to eat tomorrow, we shall see.

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