Friday, November 7, 2014

Swinging back into it again

Well, I've been busy being pregnant for nine months and well gaining a good chunk of my weight back.  I gained a lot with my second pregnancy and not by choice, just seems every time I'm pregnant I gain 60 or more pounds.  I had my baby in August and have been figuring out her schedule and mine.  Now that things have settled down a bit I am now ready to get back into the swing of things and lose the weight I gained from my pregnancy.

This morning I checked my weight and I had lost 6 pounds from just adding certain foods to my diet.  I'm nursing this time around so I still need to eat grains, dairy and fruit and eat more calories than the average person but Take Shape for Life has a program for Nursing Moms which is great!  Knowing about this program for three years, I can now stand by it by trying it and reporting back on it.

Yes, the program is not as quick moving in terms of losing the weight. You lose about 2 pounds a week rather than 2 to 5 pounds a week on the regular plan but the goal is to get healthy, lose weight safely and still provide the proper nutrients for your baby and produce...well milk.

Because this is a new chapter in my life I am starting a new blog called:, check it out to follow me on this journey.  I thank you for reading my blog all these years and invite you to read the next chapter.  Take care.