Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Nineteen

Still trucking along.  So as part of tightening the collagen in your skin you can drink a Granata drink every second day per week to promote healthy skin.  Because you are losing weight so fast your skin doesn't have the time to catch up and tighten so this drink which is really good (if I wasn't on the diet I would just add alcohol for an awesome cocktail).  It's good that you only have to drink this yummy beverage to get skin tightening, take that expensive creams!

Anyways onto the food:

Breakfast - Blueberry Cran Granata drink (to support healthy tightened skin), IP food.

Lunch - Tried the Tomato and Basil soup (a new soup they have), wasn't that great, but I ended up getting it again in the future so I'll try something new to make it taste better more seasoning perhaps.  So I dumped it in the sink and had a vanilla shake instead.  For vegetables I had cucumbers w/ Walden Farms dressing.

Dinner - Burger w/ spices (no bun, not allowed) and Zucchini w/ spices and IP's sea salt.

Snack - White Cheddar crips so good, very cheesy

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