Monday, June 18, 2012

6/8 - 6/10 Official Cheat Weekend & Weigh-In

Well we all cheat eventually right?  But it is good to set an official cheat weekend for yourself to get it all out.  Whether you are craving chocolate, ice cream, perhaps a Brownie Fudge Cheesecake, or a bottle of wine giving yourself an official weekend can help you to just get the cravings over with.

For me I had been planning this weekend 2 to 3 months before I started this diet and that weekend was going to be my party weekend where I just get to have fun and eat and drink what I want.
Here is the rule for cheating on the Ideal Protein - You cheat it is 3 days to recover, so if you cheat go big because its 3 days no matter what, if you cheat in a weekend, if you cheat in a week you are looking at a 2 week recovery.  But you can get back on track.

What was surprising though is that I only cheated a few times.  I tried to keep in tune with the meal plan, eating well, I went through Friday, June 8th, obeying the rules until we got to NYC, I had a glass of wine but it took a while for me to want to order it, I hesitated for about 15 minutes before deciding to.  I also got a salad with balsamic dressing on it, which I was not aware of, and I ordered a burger with no cheese and got cheese, so I picked off the cheese, left the bun behind and ate the salad.  I also had a side of roasted cauliflower so good!  Bet there was some seasoning on it I couldn't have but really good anyways.  We then went to a bar till about 3:30 in the morning and I had 2 more glasses of wine.
Saturday I followed my meal plan again until snack time when they put cheese and crackers, and pretzels and all this other stuff in my face, well I ate it because it looked so good, and then had more wine.  Dinner I had a cider, but drank water as well, and ended up getting a grilled buffalo sandwich, skipped the sandwich part and had a side salad with no dressing.  As I was eating the buffalo chicken my stomach started to feel gross, and it finally hit me this is why I don't eat like this anymore because it makes me feel icky when I do.   That night I went out and danced till about 4am and drank but not as much as I had in the past few years, with the diet I'm on drinking just doesn't seem super important so I drank less than I would have normally.

I had quite a lot of fun, on Sunday went back to the diet plan and then went for my weigh in on Tuesday June 12th, Weigh-In Results: Lost 2 pounds despite the cheating, it was probably because of the 4 hours of dancing I did.

Tip: As with any diet you are possibly going to cheat but always remember it is not too late to get back in the game and lose weight again, just climb on up again and start riding, if you fall off, pick yourself up again and keep trying.  It's not too late if you slip and eat a doughnut you can get back on track.

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