Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Weekend: 7/28/12 & 7/29/12

     This weekend we went to a B&B in Maine called Pressey House, it is really a nice place to stay, I recommend them highly - http://www.presseyhouse.com/index.html
     Anyways they make the best breakfast there and I was so sad when the plates would come out and I couldn't eat anything on them, except for my stay Sunday morning.  Although we are not supposed to have real food in the AM and only an Ideal Protein meal, they did have 2 chicken sausages on the plate which I was thrilled to have.  I counted it towards my protein for the evening to come.  After I was done with the sausages and had to pass my plate of blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit to my husband to finish off for me.  One of the owners there, asked if she could get me anything else seeing as how she knew my plate was passed on to my left, she said she didn't want me to go through the day hungry, although the protein shake I was drinking would have probably sufficed for the morning I knew I wouldn't meet my 8oz protein that day if I was still on the road later (since we were heading home that afternoon).
     My husband said, "you wouldn't be able to make anything that would fit with her diet anyways, she can't eat a lot of stuff, she is on this weird diet."  He wasn't making fun of me he was just letting her know that it may be impossible to satisfy my needs.
     She then said: "Well how weird are we talking, I have a pretty weird diet."  Then she listed off what she couldn't have: no gluten, no dairy, no grain, no fruit.  She then added that the chicken sausages were gluten free, and lean meat, made with no preservatives, and that made me feel good about what I was eating. 
     I then said: "That's pretty much the same diet I'm on."
     She then said: "Would you like another chicken sausage or 2 perhaps?"
     I said: "Yes, I think 1 more chicken sausage would be just perfect."  I felt really good after that conversation.  The whole time I was there at the B&B I felt horrible because I had to pass on their food.  And I felt weird because I wasn't eating anything at the table and everyone else was able to eat it, the whole weekend when it came to food I felt out of place but hearing the comments of how good I was looking, made me realize that it really doesn't matter, people sometimes have weird diets and you just take it one day at a time, you will find something that works for you in terms of food, and it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
     What she said really made me feel like I wasn't alone in this, that other people have limits with food too and I don't have to feel like a weirdo, I can just share my experience and inspire others.
So far people have seen my results and are just thrilled with them, so much so they want in on the diet too.

      This weekend I also revealed myself in a way that I would have never shared otherwise.  I was explaining about how this diet completely changed my life not just by losing the weight but also getting myself back, I have completely lost my anxiety issue.  I no longer experience anxiety, it has gone away and my mom was telling me that she thought it had to do with the removed gluten from my diet, which I looked up and saw that it was in fact a proven thing.  Lessening your gluten intake to little to no gluten can in some cases rid yourself of anxiety.  And it has for me, I no longer feel trapped in my house, I can go places with confidence.
     Anyways this weekend I was talking to my good friend Paula and because of the small room everyone else was tuning in too.  No one had a clue that I had anxiety, and they wouldn't have unless they lived with me, because frankly that kind of anxiety doesn't happen out in the open unless I went to an unfamiliar social event (even then no one would know except my husband).
     My mother-in-law the next day said she never knew that about me, and I said its okay, I kept it under wraps so no one could really see what I was going through, I'm good at that.  If I don't want people to know I don't let them know.  Of course there were a select few that did know because I told them.
     My husband was very supportive through most of it, sometimes he was annoyed, I had a car sitting in the driveway but just couldn't push myself out of the house to go do a simple errand.  My husband had to instead after a long day at work go do the errand before he came home, and with a grunt under his breath he did it, although I knew he thought I was being ridiculous.
     But that person is gone, I'm very confident and go places often with my son or by myself, and really am feeling the freedom of it.  Not feeling like I'm chained to the house and can't go another step.  Not feeling like I have to have someone come with me every time I need to run an errand, it really does feel good to be confident once again and to feel completely free.  I thank the Ideal Protein diet for that and my perseverance on getting me this far.

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