Friday, July 27, 2012

Weigh-in & Weekend 7/26/12

Changed my weigh-ins to Thursdays last week so I had 1.5 weeks to loose some serious weight.  And I would have lost 7 lbs, but blew it when I decided to cheat on Sunday the 22nd.  It was my son's 2nd birthday party and I had spent $60 on a cake, which I wanted to have a piece of.  So I did and when I was eating it, it just wasn't that great to me.  It looked good but it just wasn't worth the pounds I had put back on just from eating it.  Then after eating the cake (on this diet once you cheat you go big, cause its the same amount of time to get rid of it anyways), so I drank 1.5 cups of wine but not too much since I can't drink as much as before this diet started.  And then I though I'd get my frustrations out and dig into the chocolate from the chocolate tour that I stored in my freezer to keep till after the diet.  I ate a little and put it back.  And when I was all done eating the things I can't have like - 3 Cheese Doritos, 2 sugar cookies, and 3 Honey BBQ potato chips (I really went to town).  I felt sick, and awful about gaining pounds back.  Was very guilty for cheating, got right back on the horse on Monday morning.

Last night (Thurs night) I had a struggle, I wanted a piece of cake & PB cup, but fought with myself over it, you can't have it, remember how bad you felt, you don't need, it's not worth the progress you have made.  The constant battle trying to convince myself that this idea was no good, and nothing good would come out of it.  What it was, was my body craving for the sugar that I had put into it on Sunday.  My husband told me, you don't like the way you feel after you have had these things so there is no need to have them.  That's what I needed to hear, so instead of having cake and a PB cup, I satisfied my sugar craving by drinking an Ideal Protein Hot Cocoa with Cinnamon and that did it for me.

Tip: Before you put something in your body that you know is going to be bad for you, really think..."Is it worth it?, How will I feel afterwards?" If it is worth it to you then go for it, if it is not and you are feeling the tiniest amount of guilt or anxiety about it, then chances are it isn't a good idea.  Listen to what your body is telling you, it does know what it wants and what it does not want.

Went for my weigh-in tonight, lost 2.2 pounds, would have been more but I decided to cheat.  Also lost 1" of my arm = 2" (losing inches in your thigh and arm are the hardest).  I know I lost the inches there because I did a ton of yard work last week prepping for my son's party - raking leaves, carrying large tree limbs to the back of the woods, lots of walking, lots of lifting, and it paid off.
Was at 198.4, went down to 196.2.

Well, let's hope next week is better!

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