Monday, July 9, 2012

This Past weekend - Weigh In 7/9/12

Last week I followed the diet to a "T", until Sunday when I finally got to go on my long awaited Chocolate Tour in Boston.  I waited 2 years for this tour and despite my diet went on it anyways as it was a scheduled cheat day.
I ate quite a bit of chocolate, a lot of experimental chocolate too.  I even bought bars of it and stashed it away in the freezer.  I will not be getting the chocolate out of the freezer until 3 months from now when I have reached my goal weight, unless I have another cheat day coming up and I don't until my son's birthday party on the 22nd.  So until then I will wait.

Went for an earlier weigh-in, 1 day earlier than normal, the chocolate didn't have enough time to stick to my body yet so I still lost 1 pound which puts me at 203.4 lbs, and 1" off my waist and 1" off each of my thighs = 2" off my thighs in total.  I will hopefully be in the 100's next week!
I also signed my Aunt up for this diet.  They are having an Open House which I posted in the blog a few posts ago.  She got $100 off her consultation and I got a free box of food for next week!  Thanks Trish!!

She is going to do great, I'm sure of it.  It is going to be tough the first week but she will do just great!

Note: If you know of anyone who would want to join this diet plan or if you would like to and live in the South Shore, MA area, let me know and I'll get you $100 off too.

I would also like to recommend the Boston Chocolate Tour for all you Chocolate Lovers out there, awesome tour, you can't miss it, request Alyssa C as your tour guide.  Boston Chocolate Walking Tours

Tip: If you are going to cheat, it is important to schedule it in advance rather than cheating on the fly, this way you know your limits.  I ate chocolate, had sushi, and 1 glass of sake.  But for dinner I didn't eat the hamburger bun, the beets, or the potato fries.  Which saved me a lot of carbs and calories.

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