Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weigh-In 10/31/12 & 11/7/12

These last 2 weeks have been quite busy for me which is why I am late in sharing my weigh-in results.


I lost 4 pounds, and weigh 160!  Don't remember the last time I was 160 anything.  And to top it all off a Size 8 in pants, also don't remember wearing a size 8, probably in my early twenties most likely.

I dressed up for Halloween and took my son trick or treating, first time I was able to fit into one of those sexy costumes without having to buy the plus sized one.  I was totally PG about the costume, tried to cover up a bit, that was a cold night!

Here is my costume:

My son went as a meerkat, he was adorable.

11/7/12 Weigh-In:

Today I lost 2 pounds, 1" off my waist, and 1" off each of my thighs, I am now at 158!

I was running around doing errands today and noticed my size 8 jeans were falling off, this past weekend I went and got a size 6 pant for $2 at C.T. Outfitters in Scituate from their $2 bin, American Eagle jeans for $2 is unheard of!!!  Anyways don't quite fit into those just yet so I decided to invest in a belt, got one at T.J. Maxx, hopefully it can save my jeans from hitting the floor!

I am now officially at my 71 pound loss mark on this Ideal Protein diet in a little less than 6 months, add that to my Weight Watchers loss of 25 pounds (WW loss was done in 2.5 months) and we get a total of: 96 pounds lost, which is apparently a whole person at age 9.  Only 23.4 pounds left till my goal weight, so psyched!

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