Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weigh-In 11/21/12

Went for my weigh-in this morning and lost a whopping 4 1/2 pounds!!!  What a huge jump this week, now I'm at 150.4 pounds, with only 15.4 pounds left to go!  Unless I choose to go down to the weight I was at when I was in high school/early twenties.

You know at the beginning of this diet my mom told me as we were walking through the mall before I was officially on it, she said "After this diet you'll be able to shop in all of these stores, you know."  I didn't believe her but now I live it!  She was right, I am able to shop in all those stores for what I used to call the "stick people stores".  Not to offend anyone but because I was so used to being so overweight and those stores were off limits to me, I would walk into those stores and get weird looks like I didn't belong, perhaps I didn't but I can browse without the dirty looks!  Now I have no more worries, I walk in those stores with confidence, find my size and try things on and I don't get looks, this diet definitely gave me a new look on life, eating, and gave me confidence again.

I am planning on being good this thanksgiving, if you think about it the holiday table mostly has protein and veggies on it anyways so it would be hard to cheat.  Make it easy on yourself and either cook the meal or if going to another person's table, ask if you can bring a dish of your own.  I am bringing Curried Cauliflower, that way there is a veggie alternative that I know is safe and not covered in breadcrumbs or butter. And as far as pies go, well see if you can ignore them, I am sure going to try to ignore them but pecan pie is my weakness, we shall see how I do.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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