Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weigh-In 10/24/12

Well not super exciting this passed week on weight loss but I did loose 1 pound and that's better than nothing, and the important thing is I didn't gain anything.  In fact the only reason for the 1 pound loss is due to the Chinese restaurant I ate at 2 weeks ago catching up to me.  Bummer, but still lost a pound.

This week wasn't too good either, tried to be really good but went out to dinner with friends and we went to sushi.  I tried to order something I could have, did pretty good until the Sashimi eel came out drenched in Terriyaki sauce, why must you add sauce to everything!!!  It didn't say it came with sauce so when it showed up I was super disappointed.  But I did eat the Riceless Maki - Salmon, Fish Roe wrapped in a Daikon Radish, mmmm so good.
Later that night we went to a Karaoke Bar, and to work up the nerve to go up I had to have a drink, so there it was I drank the Vodka and Seltzer and finally went up to sing, had a blast!  I did not order another drink though.  This was not a planned cheat but I know I'll be paying for this next week - errgh!  I figured after eating the Terriyaki sauced eel a Vodka wouldn't do too much damage since once you eat one thing that's not on the plan and eat another it just sets you back the same amount of time, so the sauce set me back 3 days, so the vodka would also set me back the same amount of time, it was 3 days no matter what I did.  Now if I had cheated all weekend (which I did not), then we are talking more than 3 days to get back on track and more like 1 week.

So we shall see what happens this week.

As promised a recipe to share: Cinnamon Salted Pork Chops, yummm!

Put broiler on Low or High, or turn on the Grill to medium heat, put the pork chops on foil, sprinkle Real Salt on them and then sprinkle as much or as little cinnamon on them, put in oven for 7 to 10 minutes each side or until cooked through, and you are done.

Compliment with some Cinnamon Asparagus, prepared in pan or in oven at 350 degrees, or low broiler.  A truly guilt free savory sweet meal for anyone who loves cinnamony goodness.

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