Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weigh-In 11/14/12

Well went to my weigh-in today, lost 3 pounds, 1" off both my arms = 2", and 1" in my chest. I am now down to 155 pounds.  So I have lost a total of 99 pounds, total weight loss including my WW loss from before Ideal protein.  

I am just 20 pounds away from my goal weight!!  And when I get there I may choose to loose a little bit more but I won't know till I achieve that 135, where I stand on continued weight loss to what I used to be at age 19: 125.  

I am unsure as to what Phase 2 holds for me, but we shall see in time.

So my words for the holidays, I know this is a tough time for most of you doing this diet, and as a person who has been on the diet for 6 months it is hard for me too.  But we just have to tell ourselves that we know what happens when we cheat, it sets us back by days on our diet.  Just be sure to plan your cheats before you do them is all I'm saying.  And just think about how healthy you'll feel at Thanksgiving this year because you stuck to the turkey and veggies.  You won't be sitting on the couch groaning because you ate too much or ate something that didn't agree with you while others are too tired to move.  If you think of it that way it brings Thanksgiving Day meals to a whole different light.

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