Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weigh-In 9/27/12

Weigh-in this week 2.8 pounds lost and no change in measurements. 

But not bad for the slight cheating I did over the weekend at my friend's wedding.  Open bar was there, how could I resist, so I ordered a vodka with seltzer water (not tonic, too many calories), had 2 bites of cake, and unfortunately had to eat the Chicken Marsala, because I was starving and despite what might be in the sauce I ate it anyways, but I was good the rest of the weekend so that's probably why I lost 2.8 pounds.  Those cheats cost me .2 pounds, but that's okay, I just got back on the wagon this week and I'm feeling good.

This weekend however could be a loss or I could stay the same, its my birthday and I do plan on cheating, but I also plan on following the diet as best I can as well.

As promised here are the pictures of me in the dress I wore to my friend's wedding:

See how happy I am!  Excuse my dirty house by the way.  I tell you searching for dresses was a blast last week, Marshall's is the go to place for good deals on dresses.

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