Friday, October 19, 2012

Weigh-ins 10/10 and 10/17/12

Sorry for the delay, life has been getting in the way of posting weekly.  I'll go over my last 2 weigh-ins on this post. 

For 10/10/12 weigh-in: I remained the same weight at 170 because my cheat weekends finally caught up to me, I was super good that week too, and it was such a bummer to step on the scale only to have it read you didn't move.  But I have to remember that any time I don't gain weight, that is a Win situation, even though the numbers didn't go down.

For 10/17/12 weigh in, this week I got way better news, I lost a whopping 5.5 pounds this week!!!!   And 1" off my hips. I also can fit into my Paige jeans, which I have never been able to wear! Paige jeans if you are a fashion person are really popular skinny jeans, they look pretty bulky on me in the legs but the jeans fit around my waist, which is crazy!! I never thought I would fit in these, but I do and now I'm going to bypass them and go into a size 8.  The Paige jeans are a size 10, I can't believe I'm a size 10.  I really don't remember the last time I was 164 pounds, I think maybe my early twenties....

This passed weekend I ended up eating something I know was not on the diet plan, we went out for my father-in-law's birthday to Dim Sum and it is usually good when you aren't on a diet.  I ended up picking at most things, eating the things I could and leaving the scraps behind that I couldn't.  I was able to eat mushrooms though.  I also tried to be good and got scallops and chines broccoli and what happened...they poured sauce all over it even though the description didn't say there was a sauce.  The sauce was good but not on the plan.  I'm pretty sure I will be paying for this next week.  It really is so hard to eat out with a big group, your hungry, you don't want to be rude, so you try to pick a healthy dish and then you can't eat it, you weigh your options, should I? maybe not? And if you follow the plan the rest of the time you should be ok.

In the next upcoming posts I will be posting some ideas on how to spruce up the flavor in your foods.

Have a great week!

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