Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hallelujah for $6.99 jeans!!

When you are transitioning from size to size, nothing can be more frustrating than finding a new pair of jeans or pants to wear every 2 to 3 weeks, right?  Not to mention all the other clothes that don't fit.  But you don't want to spend $30 or more on good looking pair of jeans that will only last a few weeks, so here are a few of my favorite shops to shop for under $20 jeans:

C.T. Outfitters in Scituate, MA
365 Gannett Rd
They have a wide selection of American Eagle, Gap and Eddie Bauer jeans for under $18, if you go on sale days they drop as much as $10 per pair of jeans.
They also have a lot of sweaters, tops, dresses, shorts and other pants there for Under $20, I've gotten $5 to $10 tops there, the last time I was there I got a dress for $1!!!  There was a $1 bin with a lot of other items in it too.
All your favorite brands - Urban Outfitters, Gap, American Eagle, Old Navy, and many others for less than the stores charge you.

Quarterdeck in Scituate, MA
206 Front Street

They have a lot of different things in here, and a little bit of clothes.  The clothes they do have are reasonably priced under $20, they have dresses, some pants, skirts, tops and sweatshirts.  Every item is different and they get new stuff in every week, so if you don't find something that week try again in 2 weeks or so.

I myself have placed a review on the link above but there are other reviews you can find if you simply put in: Quarterdeck Scituate, MA via a search engine.

Charlotte Russe
Pretty much in any mall

You might have to wait till you are down in a size 16, but when you are there and are still transitioning from one size to the next go to Charlotte Russe for great sales.  They have tops for $5, $10, and $15, underwear for .99 cents to $3.99, bras for $10 to $15 (great for transitioning, don't have to spend a lot on a bra that will only be worn for 2 weeks or so).  Jeans for $20, other pants for $10 to $15, good stuff.
I went in there 2 weekends ago for a $6.99 sale, couldn't believe it, found some good stuff.

Last but certainly not least - Thrift Store - Salvation Army in Hanover, MA
936 Washington Street

I go passed this store all the time and decided to check it out last night on the way home from Boston, I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of clothes, quite a lot there.  I found pants and tops for under $8, then I found the jeans, I got 2 pairs 1 for $5.99 and 1 for $6.99, what a deal!  This is the go to place for transition clothes when your wallet is tight.  Those jeans should last me a month before I need to switch to another size at which point I will be stopping back in.
If you happen to read this before Columbus Day, October 8th - stop in, they are having a 50% off everything in the store sale, you'll want to attend!

Some other stores to consider -
Old Navy, Target, K-Mart, Kohl's (only sale days), and of course yard sales!!

Hope you found this to be informative, and if you have a favorite place be sure to share it.  I would love to hear about it.

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