Friday, August 31, 2012

Weigh-In 8/30/12

     Ok, thought some people who follow my diet blog and read my posts on weight loss might want some additional information and inspiration.  If you are interested in this program, I suggest you watch any one or all of the News broadcasts on this page:  just scroll down to "In the Media" and watch.
     You will be surprised to know that no exercise is required to lose the weight, in fact 2 weeks ago they told me only brisk walks and swimming is allowed in the first phase.  Exercise comes in the 2nd phase of the diet which is after you have reached your goal weight.  I do recommend this diet highly!  Losing 50 pounds on this diet alone in just 3 months is proof enough.   Also I have ideal protein coupons, anyone who is interested and in or near the Weymouth area can get $100 off your consultation fee.  You can do this, I'm living proof!
      Also I did find the news broadcast on ABC to be interesting. They interview a nutritionist who says you need to exercise to keep off the weight and believes the woman who was on the diet did in fact exercise. Coming from experience, being mad that I can't exercise, I can say you don't need to on this diet plan, I know it sounds nuts, but your weight loss is very low when you do (on this diet). I am super psyched that I will be able to exercise after I get to my goal though. Really if you had told me no exercise and they did say this at the beginning, I jumped up and down, now all I want to do is exercise so I really can't wait when I can.

Weigh-in results:
 I lost 3 pounds this week, along with 1" in my chest, 1" in my Hip and 1" on each of my thighs = 2".  My coach said the thighs are really hard to lose weight in, so bravo to me.  

I'm also rapidly dropping pant sizes, just the last 2 weeks I was in a size 14 and now I'm in a size 12, and just 4 weeks ago I was in a size 16.  My current weight now is: 181.2, would have gone down a lot more if I had noticed that mustard issue earlier on, oh well.  I am 2 pounds away from getting my free cut and color that my mom said she would get me if I reached the 50 pound mark on this diet, and in 2 pounds I will.  Just 46 pounds more to my goal weight of 135.

Note: I cannot express the confidence I have now, walking into a mall and not being weird about going into an Ann Taylor or an Old Navy store anymore, I am now at an average weight and look like I belong, it really is a great feeling.

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