Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/17/12 - Weigh-in

Well sorry for the delay on last week's weigh in I went to the weigh-in, and then went somewhere else, then that weekend I was off the grid in Maine.  So I apologize for the lateness in my post.

Weigh-in last week was another disappointing one when I found out I can't swim laps or do pool weights, because I did those exercises all week, practically.  I did it once with laps and weights on Monday evening and then swam laps briefly in the ocean a few days afterwards in a row.  While I was at my weigh in I asked about jogging too, I was told to briskly walk, no running or jogging, no laps, swim briskly, and no pool weights.  In fact I am not to do any exercise at all until I reach my goal weight, which is so hard!

If you had told me no exercise months ago I would have been so excited and danced around the room, you tell me now and I'm so sad, I have all this energy and need to dispense of it, but can't.

So if you think about it, this is a real dream diet for anyone who doesn't like to exercise, but I guarantee you, you will have to exercise to keep your weight in check once you move to the next phases of the diet when you reach your goal weight.
They are still running the Open House right now for the Weymouth, MA location, just need a friend to sign you up, or come in on your own (not sure you'll get $100 discount but you'll be working on getting yourself healthy).

Weigh-In results:
2 pounds lost, down to 186, no change in inches. 

Results should be dramatic this week because of lack of exercise. (which on any other diet would be crazy)

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