Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weigh-in 9/6/12

Weigh-In Results:

Today I reached 50 pounds lost!!!  And with my previous diet I lost 25 pounds for a total weight loss of 75 pounds!  I dropped just 2 pounds this week because I ate in Boston on Sunday and of course everyone else at the table was eating too.  I ordered the most healthy item on the menu as my main entree but you really never know what they put in food so, I only lost 2 pounds because of it, but next week's loss should be a big one.

So current weight now: 179 pounds.  And a size in pants dropped from a size 14 to a size 12.  Still 44 pounds to go to a goal of 135 pounds, but it is close. 

I am also getting my cut and color done next week on the 14th, which was my next reward for meeting my 50 pound milestone on this diet.  Next milestone another 25 pounds or 44 pounds, whichever I'd like and then its a new wardrobe!!  Can't wait.

Ideal Protein also came out with a new snack - Strawberry wafers, soooo goood, better than the original strawberry wafer you get in the store, so yummy!

Until next week, oh and by the way, here are my 50 pounds lost picture:

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