Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weigh-In 8/23/12

I have not fallen off the face of the earth just late in posting again. 

Last week's weigh in was another 2 pounds lost, and no change on inches, and this is after they said no exercise of any kind, which I did not do any exercise.  Except canoe on the weekend but it was a short trip. 

So I went back through my weight-loss food journal and decided to analyze my intake of food more carefully.  I checked the ingredients labels on some of the foods I was consuming, the gluten free chicken sausages I was easting had turbinado sugar in it, which I am pretty sure I am not supposed to have so I had to stop eating those.  Then I was concerned with the mustard, was there something in it I missed, yes there was - white wine something I'm not supposed to have.  So Brown spicy mustard is going to be the one kind I can consume, since it has just vinegar in it and very little, but no white wine.  So these may have been the reasons behind my low weight-loss for the past few weeks.

Somehow those labels I just forgot to look at because with the mustard I was consuming another kind that had nothing in it that was going to counteract my diet results, so I just went to the store, gave a quick glance at the nutrition chart without looking at the ingredients and yanked it from the shelf.   But now I will know to look at everything even when I'm are getting a different brand cause you really just don't know what could be in it.  

Tip:  You need to look at the labels, the nutrition facts, the ingredients, everything before placing it in the cart and then using it at home.  If there is one thing off about it, it can mess with your diet results.  So read, read, read.

Next weigh-in is today, I will be sure to post this evening.

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