Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pounds Lost and Maintaining

Hello All, it has been too long for writing a post and I do apologize, my life has been extremely busy between health coaching, school, taking care of my family and exercise (did she say that word, for real?).

That's right exercise, never thought I'd say that I am happy to exercise but I am happy about it!!!  I just started training for a 5K that is being held on June 22nd in Plymouth, I will be running with a couple of friends but in the meantime need to plan for the big race.  So I have taken on the Couch to 5K challenge and passed the first day with flying colors!  My first day running was on Monday of this week, I did a walk/run routine and you are supposed to do it for 30 minutes your first day but I did it for 60 minutes my first day which my friend who can run 3 miles found to be really impressive for my first time running in my whole life.  Of course I have run before when I was younger but that was only for tag and softball.  Now I'm doing it for exercise, daily and for FUN, holy cow did I just say that!  Running fun?  Yes, running is fun for me, never thought I would hear those words come out of my mouth last year when I was 255.  Oh how the tables turn.

So my routine for Couch to 5K should be: 30 minutes of walk/run for 3 times a week for the first week as follows: 5 minute warm up walk, 8 repetitions of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of brisk walking and then a 5 minute cool down with walking.

This week (the first week) of the routine has been: 60 minutes of walk/run for 3 times a week (so far): 5 minutes of warm up - walking, 16 repetitions of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of brisk walking and then a 5 minute cool down of walking to end it.  I say 3 times a week so far because I plan on probably running/walking again this week for a total of 4 times rather than 3.  In fact I have really wanted to go running everyday not just every other day.  After the first day (Monday), I really didn't want to go out Tuesday but then I went out Wednesday twice for 2, 30 minute routines and I wanted to go today but there was a thunderstorm happening the same time I was going to go out.  Tomorrow I am going and then probably again on Mother's Day.

Next week is the 2nd week of the Couch to 5K challenge and it should be: 5 minute warm-up walk, followed by 6 repetitions of 90 seconds of running and 2 minutes of brisk walking and then a 5-minute cool down walk to finish.  This will be for 3 days of the week and might stay that way because 90 seconds of running seems way more challenging than 60 seconds of running, I can feel the burn just thinking about it.

Running however is making me real happy, the wind blowing in my face the rush of it all and the accomplishment of saying I did 2 miles today, or I did 3 miles today, is really rewarding.

If you are not yet on this path yet, you will be shortly I guarantee it.  Eating right and healthy is just the beginning, it gets better afterwards, it really does.  Like I have said in past posts, if you had asked me last year to go for a run or any kind of exercise I would have laughed in your face, this is how much I have changed and for the better!

Next post will be pictures and descriptions of my latest food choices which I have been documenting on Facebook all month long.  But for now I need to get some sleep, so be on the lookout for a post tomorrow.  Goodnight everyone.

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