Sunday, May 19, 2013

Join your local CSA

Hey Everyone I strongly encourage you to join a CSA in your community or a local organic program for fruits and veggies.

I recently joined South Shore Organics which has a local egg program and recently added a local fish program.  I get a basket of fruits and veggies bi-weekly.

South Shore Organics is different from CSA's because they deliver right to your door if you live within the radius of where they deliver to.  They also allow you to opt out whenever you wish to, you can choose how often you get delivered to by choosing, weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly.  And baskets usually range from $50 or under depending upon the size you choose, so very affordable, about the same if not less than you would pay in the grocery store for your veggies.

There fish program just started this month, the fish get delivered with your veggies and fruits, if you request this service.  Once you agree you are opted into the fish program for 8 weeks of deliveries.

If you live in South Shore, MA area and are interested in this program please visit: South Shore Organics

And if you are curious on any local CSA's in your neighborhood just google CSA or community farm and see what comes up.  Plus if you join you are helping to support your local farmers as well as get great tasting and healthy foods for you and/or your family.  Some of these places also call for volunteers to help with various jobs.  These are overall great programs!

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