Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinner Ideas on Maintenance

So I thought for those in Maintenance who are looking for a something to eat for dinner might appreciate this post.  Maybe you have already made some of these or are just interested in the low-cal version of a certain dish, whatever the reason say hello to yummy and healthy for you food, here is the first dish, try it this week!

Goi Cuon or Fresh Rolls
I made them with Bok Choy and Zero calorie noodles (I'm sure you've seen these around), if not you can find them in the gluten free aisle, the international foods aisle or health food section, it may also be in the pasta section.  You can also buy them online.  They are calorie free, gluten free and soy free, they also have less than 1g of carbs in them, very good for you.  You can also buy them online.  As far as the rice paper that you wrap that makes the roll, they are also low in calories and getting to the serving size is rare.  What you do is dip the vermicelli wraps in warm water and place on a plate, then fill with a little bit of zero calorie noodles, some fresh mint (if you have some), fresh basil if you wish, protein of your choice (I used Grilled Chicken Strips), any veggie of your choosing (I used Bok Choy in this one).  Then just wrap it up and close the ends and wha lah it looks like this:

  Try this yummy dish this week, if you are in Maintenance and enjoy!  More dishes and recipes on the way, check in weekly.

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