Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Do you have a resolution to loose weight this year?  Look no further, your answer is here!

I am now a Health Coach for Take Shape for Life a cheaper program than Ideal Protein.  It works the same, only differences:

Take Shape For Life                                Ideal Protein

5 of their meals, 1 of yours                       3 of their meals, 1 of theirs

Anyone in the country can do this            Must have an Ideal Protein center near you

Cheaper                                                     Can be costly

No Supplements needed 26 vitamins        Need to purchase supplements on top of food
and minerals built into the food

No weigh-in appointments                        Must come in once a week for weigh-in
rather have a one-on-one on phone
email, or online chat with coach.
(great for people with busy schedules)

If you are interested in seeing results, please visit my site: and read more about it.  If you want to get started fill out the form on that page or contact me by email:

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