Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weigh-in 9/12/12

My weigh-in today was another small weight loss of just 2 pounds so I am seriously looking at my journal to see what I am eating that's different from what I ate before.  And came up with a few items that might be the problem.  But after talking to my nutrition coach, he said that he didn't really no the answer to some of them because he couldn't see their nutrition labels, so I have to gather the labels and send them over to him via email or bring in next week. 

So even though its not a lot of pounds its a loss nonetheless and an accomplishment at that.  2 pounds lost bringing me to 177 and no change in measurements.

But I did get a new haircut from my mom for reaching my 50 pounds loss on this diet, so here is my updated hairdo:

It's a new change for me.  My hair has been long for some years so going short was nice.  And I got bangs for the first time in 20 years.  A good change for changed lady. 

And in other news I am attending a friends wedding next weekend, and went dress shopping for the first time in person since my own wedding in 2004/2005, which was the last time I fit in a dress.  I wouldn't have had to go dress shopping at all but I ordered a dress I liked online 3 months in advance guessing my current size for the end of September but was a size off.  The alterations for the dress were more than the dress costs.  I went Wednesday morning and night and found nothing on my own but when I went with my grandmother on Thursday night I found 18 possibilities at Marshall's, (which I highly recommend this store by the way).  All the brand labels for less than half the cost of a department store.  I really had a wonderful dress shopping experience.  I liked at least half the pile but could only choose one and I found that one, second one tried on but wanted to try on others.  My grandmother was a huge help giving me her opinion, it is easier to dress shop when there is another person helping you, with zippers and bringing in more than the 10 items allotted.  So I picked a beautiful purple dress for the occasion and my grandmother wanted to get me a dress for my birthday which is coming up, so even though I will only get to enjoy this dress for a little bit I got a classic black dress with lace, very pretty and flattering.  I wanted to get more but I thought I can always come back when I am at my goal weight to get more clothes that will fit me.

So overall the best shopping experience I have had in a long time, it has always been so frustrating to shop for dresses but it seems that feeling is long ago in the past.  I definitely feel I have more choices when it comes to clothes, it is such a good feeling.

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