Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weigh-In 12/12/12

Getting down there, almost done with Phase 1, I really can't believe it.  This food has been my lifestyle for about 6 1/2 months and I am just floored it is almost over, I only hope I can handle Phase 2 of the diet which is still a mystery as to what it entails right now, since I'm not there yet.  But once I know I'll let you know.

So yesterday's weigh-in 1 1/2 pounds, still losing slowly due to that pie in November, should be back on track next week (here's hoping).  But even though the pound loss wasn't big I did loose inches in my waist and hips - not easy to do this towards the end, so was happy to hear that!

Just 9 pounds till my goal weight, however they will be bring me down to 130, 5 pounds below my goal (135) because 5 pounds comes back anyways once you come off.  So not too far from now and then it is all about maintain maintain maintain.


Walden Farms - Has more than just dressings we can use, they have tomato sauces, alfredo sauce, BBQ sauces, Syrups and more.  You don't have to be condiment deprived on this diet so: Be sure to check out their website and stock up. or find the nearest store location to you.

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