Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Week 3 and Going Strong

Well its week 3 and weight loss is flying by fast.  I have lost a total of 17.4 pounds in this short amount of time.  I only have 23.2 more to go to get to my goal of 130.  I started this program again at 170.6 and I am now at 153.2 pounds and feeling good!

No longer feel sluggish, tired, depressed or lack of focus. 
Instead I'm feeling energized, rarely tired, sexy, confident, determined and incredibly focused.  Really enjoying life again!

Currently in size 8 and moving back to a 6.  Very exciting!

Feel free to share how your week is going. 


  1. Hi Kelly, How are you doing now? It's been awhile since you've posted. I've only just found your blog, but I'm on the fence about starting Ideal Protein (which my doc endorses and the office is 1 mile away) or doing Take Shape for Life. By reading your blog, I'm thinking Take Shape for Life. How are you doing? I hope you're doing well.

  2. M,
    I just posted a new blog entry today been working diligently in my Masters program so life has been hectic. My life has changed a bit but still trying to watch what I eat to the best of my ability. Check out the new post 3/13/14.