Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving to Take Shape for Life - Update on what's going on..

I reached my goal weight 2 weeks ago, at 125 pounds!!!  Then I found out about Phase 2, which is basically the same as Phase 1 just that you take out 1 Ideal Protein meal and replace it with your own meal (same rules apply - 8oz of lean protein and 2 cups of veggies), that's right no other alterations.  So knowing I did all this hard work and got to Phase 2 only to have very little difference in diet once I was done with Phase 1, I decided this week that I am switching to Take Shape for Life.

I am a health coach for the program and the transition phase for Take Shape sounds a lot better.  You work in 2 cups of any veggie you want (on the plan or not) for 1 week plus you still eat 5 medifast meals plus 1 of your own.  Then week 2 you factor in 2 pieces of medium fruit or 2 cups of berries, you drop 1 medifast meal and still have the extra 2 cups of any veggie.  Week 3 you factor in low-fat cottage cheese or other low-fat dairy and keep the fruit and the extra veggies, and still it's 4 medifast meals plus 1 lean and green.  And it continues from there for about 6 weeks, there are 2 other additions to your diet for week 4 and 5.  But it is more interesting to me and makes me feel more motivated than the plan I am currently on.
I also won't have to factor in an additional cost for vitamins, hooray!  Those are probably the most expensive for me.

Plus I now will be able to enjoy the first phase for at least 1 week or so because I was unable to stay faithful to the Ideal plan during Passover, Easter and a birthday celebration last week.  Which means I gained some weight back and need to drop some pounds again to make it to my goal. 

So this blog's name will stay the same despite the plan change but you'll get to know a whole other plan that is well similar to Ideal Protein but it is cheaper and has more variety and teaches you a bit more about staying on track.  Best thing about the plan, anyone from anywhere in the USA can sign up, you don't have to have a location or health coach nearby.  If you are interested in joining and losing weight or maintain your weight please visit: www.KellyL.TSFL.com and sign up if you like what you see. 

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