Thursday, February 28, 2013

February was a Busy month - My update

Well Everyone,

I am very sorry for neglecting my blog for a month!  I have been very busy finishing up my last month of school and obtaining my degree.  With 2 classes at once, a toddler and 2 businesses to run it was insane but I made it through.

As far as weight loss goes, since I can't remember for the life of me a play-by-play on what I lost each week I can tell you that I am now at 128 pounds, and have just 3 pounds to my goal weight and then they will be dropping me down 5 pounds because you gain 5 pounds back when you start incorporating food once again, it has a lot to do with water gain.  Then its off to Phase 2!! 

I lost myself last week when I had an unplanned cheat and gave into my chocolate stash that I have been saving up for when I am done, do enjoy in moderation of course.  I was so disappointed in myself and even though I still lost a 1/2 pound this week I was still mad at myself for doing it.  But I knew it was the excitement of being so close to my goal and the added stress that I have been experiencing, so at least I knew the cause of it.

Now I am back on track, I'll tell you after the cheat it is a few days of insane cravings and salivation, not fun at all!!

This weekend I am celebrating my graduation but I am planning to be good, even though I really want a cupcake.  Maybe I can save the cupcake for when I'm done with reaching my goal weight. 

So next week you will be hearing from me and continually on a weekly basis from here on out because I don't have school until March 18th (starting my Masters program).  Talk to you all soon.

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